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Healing Grief, On-line Course, by Terry Douglas.

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Welcome  to The Rules of Engaging Grief – A Path to Healing

This site is eclectic – sharing a wide experience, world travel, personal reflection, and abundant curiosity about life that has drawn me and I hope draws you to greater stillness.

Please be sure to visit the Blog where you will find meditations posted daily, poetry, and travel experience – all prompting deeper healing from what we consider catastrophic life events. You also have access to a comprehensive, self-paced, 8-session course entitled Healing Grief.

What is This Site About?

Grief, loss – of whatever variety or dimension, and most importantly healing. Whatever your experience, the loss of a spouse, divorce, even the loss of a job, How willing we are to address these overwhelming challenges, assume responsibility for our healing, determines how soon you return to emotional stability and spiritual harmony. In time and much work – or is it attention, you will discover – as I did — a deeper stillness that manifests in a peacefulness and exuberant joy that I had not experienced earlier, before my life journey was interrupted without warning one afternoon.

The sudden loss of my spouse of almost forty years prompted me to plumb the depth of this experience. I can remember thinking I must clear the decks to determine what this loss means. Like the opening lines of the Divine Comedy recount, I realized that with the loss of my wife it was as if I had woken in middle age, in a dark wood, and without a path to follow.

My intention with this website is to share that journey with you and offer a resource-rich approach that sustained me as I made my way out of the dark forest. You will discover that I am grounded in Christianity, much influenced by my education and the Christian mystics that flavor Christianity over the centuries – to name just a few — Meister Eckhart, the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, St. John of The Cross, Thomas Merton, and Bede Griffith. I am quick to add that I have also been privileged to experience in my travels and residences abroad – Eastern and Western Europe, The Middle East, South, Central and East Asia — the spirituality of wide-assortment of fellow travelers on the road, to include Sufism, Islam, Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, and Sikhism. As appropriate I will offer insights from these traditions as well.

In January of 2008, I saw published Rules for Engaging Grief: A Path to Healing which outlines a program for recovering emotional and spiritual harmony after loss — be that loss of a loved one, the turmoil following divorce, or the disorientation experienced after a career setback. The on-line course on Healing Grief is drawn from Rules. Earlier, two volumes of my poetry were published: Searching Sand Crabs in the Dark: A Journey Inward, Ice Dance: Beyond the Grief, and a third, and a third, Does a Footstep Linger? Is awaiting publication Recently, Ganymede, a novel I wrote of Middle Eastern intrigue, was made available on the following link:

**”Photo: “Rope Bridge Daniel Pupius, 2000″.

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