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Meditation — October 1, 2019

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Scripture:  At this time the disciples came to Jesus and said: “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” So, He called a little child to Him whom He set among them. Then He said: “In truth, I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven. And so, the one who makes himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 18:1-4

Prayer: It seems so many years ago—and it is—that I was a little child, however, right now on my last lap, I have been reborn as a little child, listening calmly to the Lord’s whisper down so deep in my soul.

Response: You are enjoying the Lord’s grace and love right now as you realize that the words of Jesus touch you deeply and bring you the peace that you search for daily upon waking and throughout the rest of the day

In a very real sense, you are called, called to put aside any concerns, to embrace His presence in the midst of any turmoil, to pause as you do now and reflect deeply on the Lord’s promise, to kindle that heat that touches your inner being with its warmth.

All this is your gift of His love this morning. Don’t rush off but stay still for a moment can consider how deeply you are loved. Praise God!

All for this morning.

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