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Meditation — June 4, 2019

Posted on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019


God you rained down a shower of blessings, when your heritage was weary you gave it strength. Your family found a home, which you in your generosity provided for the humble. Psalm 68 (of David):9-10


Before I turned out the light last night, I read the poems that were published in my “Searching Sand Crabs in the Dark.” Oh, what a journey it revealed for me, and when I completed reading, I took a deep breath and thanked the Lord for His presence, His vigilance, in my life.


The Lord has accompanied you all these years. You should note that it is with increasing awareness that you measure your steps as you explore the inner corridors of your heart in His grace. Consider the times, even most recently, when you were caught in a sudden deluge of rain, that is what occurring in your life quite regularly and has for some time as He leads you along paths that you might not have visited earlier.

His presence has not been without His nudge for you to be ever more aware, especially of who you are among strangers and loved ones. Could you ever imagine that you would now be more inclined to listen when in the past you might have been described as someone expressing his dominant, “expert” opinion?

It may be difficult to imagine when you were ever weary, but your exuberance in the present is an indication of the Lord’s work within the deepest recesses of who you are and becoming in His grace and love. Praise God!

All for this morning.


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