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Meditation — November 14, 2018

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Scripture: I shall lead the blind by a road that they do not know, by paths they do not know I shall conduct them. I shall turn the darkness into light before them and the quagmires into solid ground. This I shall do—without fail. Isaiah 42:16


Prayer: I feel blind this morning. Though I woke early, it took some time before I rose and took my daily walk to the beach. I am glad I did so because I viewed high above me cormorants sailing on the stiff wind over a turbulent ocean. They sailed individually—not in pairs, as if this was there time to be separate and alone to be guided by the wind. I too am sailing, though not so high, responding to His guidance in the breeze.


Response: You have ventured onto many roads that you did not know and were conscious that you were being led by His presence. How else would you have experienced the fullness of life and continue to do so? Meeting your spouse by chance—was it chance—is a wonderful example of the intricate and colorful design that you fashioned with her.


Your years have trained you to look for the signs as you did this morning, looking up to catch the cormorants frolicking alone on the sweeping wind. You see aloneness is not all that bad—it defines you and sharpens your senses and contributes to who you are and becoming in the Lord’s grip.


Consider sharing your flying experience with those solitary who are hesitant of getting off the ground in prayer. Discover today and the following how and why you were meant to fly. Praise God!


All for this morning

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