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Meditation — August 13, 2018

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Reading: . . . the more we ‘think’ about God, picture him, or stir up our imagination for autonomous visions of him, the less we can experience him. This is not to denigrate theology, philosophy or art. But these three fruits of our minds and hearts have value for ultimate meaning only so far as they clarify, encourage, or purify our journey to the frontiers of the limited human consciousness. On the frontier, we are met by a guide, who is unlimited consciousness, the Person of Jesus Christ. (from In The Stillness Dancing, The Life of Father John Main, p. 84-85)
Prayer: Is it the silence of this morning, the walk without words to the beach, the daily offering, the reading of scripture, or my prayer list that creates in me a solitude that is immeasurable that I wish to share?
Response: Have you ever considered that often the reading to which you are directed is a sign of the Lord’s grace in action? It is not limited to reading but is discovered in the friends, loved ones, and strangers that you encounter each day. They hold an invisible banner that invites the listener to which you respond.
Your journey of so many years is refined each day, and you would hardly recognize the fellow who first responded in your youth and later. Your hearing and listening has actually improved, influenced by those solitary walks and prayers for understanding and inspiration when circumstances seemed overwhelming.

You have never failed to meet, in those circumstances, the guide of unlimited consciousness, in the Person of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

All for this morning.

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