Meditation — June 13, 2018

Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Scripture: You will teach me the path of life, unbounded joy in your presence, at your right hand, delight forever. Psalm (of David) 16:11

Prayer: These words of David touch me this morning; in fact, I have repeated them in a whisper of the heart several times. No one is stirring in the stillness, only the reflection of the homes on the water opposite me and along the canal.

Response: So long have you travelled and experienced the cultures that you once only read about; you are now becoming even more aware that the path for purposes of mortality is endless. Endless in the people you encounter, the prayers that surface, the range of emotion that you experience, the time that is allowed you to reflect upon this life with all its turmoil, joy, suffering, and peace.

Isn’t it a joy to see that you are more and more attuned to the “other”—the stranger, the loved one, the community, the world with its daily challenges, and, of course, the world leaders. This is your life path that seems to have been reserved for you since you first wandered from the community in which you were raised to vast stretches of a world in need.

On this day, focus on a community that needs your prayer—that is, the orphan community that envelops the world and is especially in need as the armies position themselves opposite an enemy unaware it seems of the orphans created in the process of war. Praise God!

All for this morning.

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