Meditation — June 10, 2018

Posted on Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Scripture: From the depths I call to you, Yahweh: Lord, hear my cry. Listen attentively to the sound of my pleading! If you kept a record of our sins, Lord, who could stand their ground? But with you is forgiveness, that you may be revered. I rely, my whole being relies, Yahweh, on your promise. My whole being hopes in the Lord, more than the watchmen for daybreak, more than the watchmen for daybreak. Psalm 130 (Song of Ascents):1-6

Prayer: As I walked along, the young driver of a pick-up truck stopped and asked the breed of my dog. He responded that he had a Lhasa Apso. I told him that I was familiar with the breed. I lived in India and traveled to Tibet. “No way!” he said, concluding with “God bless you!” as he drove off. So, I began the day with a blessing!

Response: You were that watchman this morning waiting for daybreak, and the Lord conveyed His blessing to you rather pointedly in the words of the young man. How often do you think that you also were instrumental in blessing a stranger traveling on the path?

Thus, begins another day, but already you have evidence that the Lord is present in the person of a stranger. Be especially attuned to His voice and the prompting of your heart. If you listen intently, you will hear His voice again, and again.

Pray for the originator of the blessing to you this morning, and for those who are distracted by the challenges and tumult in their lives and can’t hear distinctly the Lord’s call. Praise God!

All for this morning.

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