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Meditation — May 14, 2018

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2018

Reflection: Today I seem to be very much assured that solitude is indeed His will for me and that truly God Who is calling me into the desert. But this desert is not necessarily a geographical one. It is a solitude of heart in which created joys are consumed and reborn in God. (“The True Solitude” Thomas Merton, p. 14)

Prayer: I am up before most, earlier this morning as I am caring for the two dogs of a friend. However, I am even more reflective than when my schedule is a schedule. In clearing my bookshelves of what books I must donate, I came upon a thin gem of Merton’s jottings, compiled by his friend. So here I sit alone and in silence, regretting that Merton is not sitting opposite so that I could at least nod my agreement.

Response: Will you ever be surprised that the Lord reaches you where you are. “You” are a reader and writer—that is the field in which you wander. So this morning, with the thoughts of silence ranging in your heart, does it surprise you that the Lord confirms your pulse and observation. In fact, He shouts it so that you hear clearly His confirmation in Merton’s observation.

Don’t you consider the calls from loved ones, the surprising events unfolding in your life, the depth with which you view the canal this morning as it breathlessly passes your window, are not signs that you are just beginning to hear His call, beckoning you into the desert?

This morning, let His awareness prompt you to pray for those who stand before the desert of their becoming, that they shed their hesitancy, and move forward with loved ones under the Lord’s guidance. Praise God!

All for this morning.

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