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Meditation — March 9, 2018

Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2018

Scripture: “I (God) freed his shoulder from the burden, his hands were able to lay aside the laborer’s basket. You cried out in your distress, so I rescued you. Hidden in the storm, I answered you, I tested you in the waters of Meribath (the place of quarreling).” Psalm 81:6-7

Prayer: The intimacy of Yahweh’s words directs my attention to the silent corridors of my heart, and I especially am stilled with the words:  You cried out in your distress, so I rescued you. Hidden in the storm, I answered you.

Response: You have been around long enough that you could easily call to mind so many instances when you were heard and rescued, or in the midst of a raging storm, you and loved ones were answered. Now you understand what the Lord means about intimacy.

Even this week, you witnessed the freeing from the burden of a strained relation with a loved one, and concerns related to the launching of your most recent writing project, as well as experiencing the grace applied to two friends and their families, both of whom suffering life-threatening illnesses.

Be conscious of the instances that you will experience in the next few days which confirm the Lord’s presence and attention in your journey, and listen intently for His voice that just might be hidden in the storm that you experience. Praise your ever loving God!

All for today.

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