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Meditation — December 3, 2017

Posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Reading: Taken from the conclusion of Pope John Paul II’s (former Polish Cardinal Woityla) homily during his first visit as pope to the United States in 1979: “Follow Christ! You who are married . . . follow Christ! You who are single . . . follow Christ!  You who are young or old . . . follow  Christ! You who are sick or aging, who are suffering or in pain, you who feel the need for healing, the need for love, the need for a friend . . . Follow Christ! This is why I have come to America, and why I have come to Boston tonight. To call you to Christ—to call all of you and each of you to live in His love, today and forever. Amen!”

Prayer: A dear friend gave me the biography of John Paul II to re-read and I have been overwhelmed with memories of serving at the US Embassy in Warsaw when he was the Polish Cardinal in Cracow, and with his permission a colleague and I did a brass rubbing on the main altar of the cathedral.

Response: You have heard His call from your youth, but now in the autumn of your life it seems that your hearing has improved. You have encountered and experienced almost all those situations which John Paul mentioned and those you haven’t— it is because your memory fails you at times.

Spend some time with each category mentioned, identifying those in your life who are married, single, young, old, sick, aging, suffering, in pain, in need of healing, need for love, need for a friend, and where you have or are similarly affected.

Once you have reflected on the above, pray for those in need, and perhaps as you them, make use of that time to share the Lord’s healing with them—loved ones and strangers, you will surely discover that the Lord’s blessing will flow over you at the same time. Praise God!

All for this morning.

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