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Meditation — July 23, 2017

Posted on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Scripture: For you show your might when the perfection of your power is disbelieved; and in those who know you, you rebuke temerity. But though you are master of might, you judge with clemency, and with much lenience you govern us; for power, whenever you will, attends you. And you taught your people, by these deeds, that those who are just must be kind; and you gave your children good ground for hope that you would permit repentance for their sins. Book of Wisdom (of Solomon):12:16-19

Prayer: I am still touched this morning after viewing the film Maudie last evening about the life of the artist Maud Lewis in the last century—a stunning performance that searched the corridors of love, creativity, and disability.  How blessed I am to reflect on this life experience while I am still walking about.

Response: So the anointed words of Solomon announce the Lord’s ever present grace that flows over you in the loved ones who accompany you, in the encounters and deep conversations engaged, in the rush you experience in the creative process, in the company of those who serve to kindle that spirit.

And with all of this, through the Lord’s clemency, He sustains and emboldens your hope that the sins for which you repent so deeply are forgiven. He blesses you as with a new dawn each morning like what you experienced earlier.

Yes, you have good grounds for hope and joy in the Lord’s company and protection. Praise the Lord!

All for this morning.

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