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Meditation — December 31, 2016

Posted on Saturday, December 31st, 2016


The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we have seen his glory: the glory of an only Son coming from the Father, fill with enduring love. John 1:14
Prayer: I am thankful for our safe travel, enjoying the presence, love and joy of so many children and grandchildren. Yes, my travel was filled with enduring love.
Response: What a special gift to you that long life is blessed with expressions of love—it seems—on a daily basis. Such a life is witness to the Lord becoming flesh and dwelling among you—not reserved to some structure but to be ever-living, bristling with enduring love that you are ever able to recognize.
In this full spirit of love, remember—even dwell on—those who are experiencing challenges that they had not anticipated, but the Lord’s healing grace with strengthen, embolden the recipient to proclaim the Lord’s love under all circumstances.
Reach out in prayer and remembrance those for whom this season is no different than the violence, depravation, loneliness that they endure daily. What a magnificent Lord who reaches you and loved ones whatever experienced. Praise this loving God as another year closes for you in His grasp.
All for this morning. Blessed New Year to you.

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