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“In the Presence of Yahweh”

Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2014


In The Presence of Yahweh


Woke early—before dawn,

After dreams that took me

Far away in time—miles distant to

Where I recognized not a soul;


I was challenged to express

Who I am in words unknown,

Learning more of myself—

Loneliness-mortality than


When surrounded by

Clatter-crown busy-ness;

I had no fear—was in fact

Intrigued by my surroundings,


Sensed inexplicable familiarity,

Experienced assurance,

Time did not threaten with

Its limits: age—years–health


Treasures to be sought

Did not matter—

My only passion was to

Listen and learn soulful


Communication to express

Deepening love in new words,

Envisioning with soul eyes

Interplay of creation in harmony


In the presence of Yahweh


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