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Meditation — May 19, 2012

Posted on Saturday, May 19th, 2012


“Until now you have not asked anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and so your joy will be complete.” John 16:24


In the quiet of the morning, observing the sun rise over a choppy sea, surely I must say that I have asked—though I must say my joy was not complete. Help my prayers be deeper and my joy recognizable even to me.


The first step in experiencing this joy complete is to plead for union with the Father as the underlining basis for all prayer—such a ponderous answer, one might expect to emanate from a hallowed, theological institute with long darkened corridors, nestled in a deep forest! However, consider for a moment that asking in His name is another way to say see that one’s prayers manifest an all-encompassing yielding to the Lord’s will in all you pursue, cherish, and value.

What does this mean? For one’s health or for that of a loved one, first put oneself in the presence of the Lord, and open one’s heart in prayer and conclude one’s petition that His will be done. See with eyes that comprehend the Lord’s presence in the most dismal, desolate circumstances, and witness the power of prayer affecting those suffering, those observing and grieving; and, see with one’s soul-eyes the transformation that occurs, the peace that descends to comfort all in the Lord’s grace whatever the circumstances. Yielding to the Lord’s will stirs consciousness and speeds healing.

So why not today put the formula to work? Select an agony that lingers in the shadows of a broken or bruised heart; put oneself in the presence of the Lord; bring that agony into the light and ask the Lord for His healing grace; and finally let go of one’s former resistance to receive His grace and love. With that healing underway, it will be time to examine another dark corner of one’s heart that needs a similar blast of His light. Don’t worry that one will exhaust such examples, the world is full of them even if you have to yield to the Lord’s purpose in drawing one interest and concern for those that one might think babble strange sounds in desperate regions of the world, and need one’s prayers with ever increasing devotion. And in the process, one will discover the cherished joy that up until now had been elusive.

All for this morning.

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