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About Iran . . .

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

If someone were to ask me—no one has—if I thought the Iran’s highly touted Quds Force was behind the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the the Washington, D.C., I would ask the following questions of the inquirer so that he/she could answer the question to his/her own satisfaction, and not have to rely upon official government pronouncements:

1. Who or what interests are served by publicizing this purported plot, including those internal to the political infrastructure of Iran, to nations whose goals and national security interests would be well served by any U.S.’s response, and to the interests of those within the U.S. occupying positions of influence in political, business, and executive branch circles?

2. If one would undertake—even contemplate–such a bold and definitive action within the U.S., would an adversarial nation and its leadership depend upon untidy surrogates to undertake the action, or would they assume complete control of the operation, thus limiting knowledge of culpability—from choosing the target, the location, the timing, and the perpetrators—limiting the latter to the fewest, wholly reliable, professionals with a track record of success, and within their orbit of control?

3. Related to #2 above, would those responsible risk being blackmailed by those hired to undertake the assassination, i.e. additional compensation to hold their silence?

4. What would be the motive(s) of U.S. authorities—both at the highest political level and department level—to reveal purported evidence and to protest at the same time a conspiracy of such import on the world stage?

5. What is the experience of the Administration’s spokespersons in such clandestine operations, and similarly that of the “talking heads” and former senior government executives– that make themselves attractive and available to the media?

6. Why has the news of this purported planned assassination disappeared so suddenly from media coverage and government pronouncements/updates?

7. Has anyone in responsibility reviewed the history of similar operations planned and sometimes successfully executed by the Soviet KGB and GRU, Israel’s Mossad, the East German Stasi , and the ousted Libyan operatives to determine their modus operandi in such matters?

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