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Meditation — June 9, 2019

Posted on Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Scripture: “I shall not leave you orphans; I shall come to you. In a short time, the world will no longer see me; but you will see that I live, and you will also live. On that you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.” John 14:19-20
Prayer: In the silence of the morning I sense the presence of the Lord so deeply that I am inclined to close my eyes and explore the deepest corridors of my heart His company.
Response: Is it a gift of wanting that exhibits itself daily in who you are becoming? How else to explain this silent adoration that grips you firm each step of the way as you are experiencing now?
It is as if you are sitting in an empty concert hall when the conductor enters and begins to tune his flute to refresh his spirit before the chamber over-flows with attendees and the concert commences.
Reflect on the wisdom and love conveyed to you in this empty concert hall. Praise the Lord!
All for this morning.

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Meditation — June 8, 2019

Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Scripture: For Yahweh is upright and loves uprightness, the honest will ever see his face. Psalm 11 (of David):7
Prayer: My prayer this morning is one of thanksgiving. I am thrilled with love for loved ones and for whom I am becoming in the Lord’s over-powering glance.
Response: Recognize this moment as a special grace revealing at the deepest level the Lord’s over-whelming presence in each moment of your life. This clarity is contrasted by the clouds that range above and seem to obscure the dawning light.
If you listen carefully, you can hear His footstep as He invites you forward in the rapture of this moment. All your plans are subsumed in quiet surrender to His Love. How did you manage to find your way to this holy place, or was it His design and intention?
Sing praise to the Lord who ever reveals Himself to you in each step you take, with each person you encounter, and in your not so idle thoughts about eternity, love, forgiveness, and service. Praise God!
All for this morning.

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Meditation — June 7, 2019

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2019

Scripture: “In all truth I tell you, when you were young you put on your own belt and walked where you liked; but when you grow old you will stretch out your hands, and somebody else will put a belt round you and take you where you would rather not go.” John 21:18
Prayer: I have visions of accompanying my father to a host of doctors in his old age and isn’t it wonderful that I am experiencing similar care from loved ones accompanying me to a round of examinations where my only responsibility is to be present—awake.
Response: There are so many lessons and signs of the Lord’s nestled in your memory. What a joy to be able to identify with your acts of love and kindness in the past to what you are experiencing now in the presence of loved ones!
Who would have thought—least of all you—that there would come a time when history repeated itself in the presence of loved ones. Can you sense with more clarity what your father experienced years ago, even though at that point in his life he was unable to express his appreciation and love except through a vacant stare?
This is a day to pray for those experiencing unexpected hardship and do not have the loved ones that surround you to offer comfort and love. Praise the ever-loving Lord who is present whenever one experiences unfathomable trials and sparks smiles of thanksgiving on all participants. Praise your ever-loving God!
All for today.

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Meditation — June 6, 2019

Posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Scripture: I bless Yahweh who is my counsellor, even at night my heart instructs me. I keep Yahweh before me always, for with him at my right hand, nothing can shake me. Psalm 16 (In a quiet voice: of David):7-8
Prayer: What extraordinary comfort I receive in reflecting upon these words of scripture early this morning. Keep me always in your presence Lord.
Response: Why is it upon reading these words that your first impulse is to share the sentiments of scripture with friends and family, and to allow the comfort to spread into all regions of who you are and becoming at the deepest level of being. You could not do this were it not for the fact that the anointed words leave you breathless.
What a blessing to reach a revered age in years—though no longer able to run down the path to the ocean—yet eager to take in the sentiments of King David whispered to you in your quiet chamber of reflection this morning.
Discover how this blessing is framed for you—as a new painting of the heart—in each moment of this blossoming day before you. Praise your Ever-Loving Creator!

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Meditation — June 4, 2019

Posted on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

God you rained down a shower of blessings, when your heritage was weary you gave it strength. Your family found a home, which you in your generosity provided for the humble. Psalm 68 (of David):9-10
Before I turned out the light last night, I read the poems that were published in my “Searching Sand Crabs in the Dark.” Oh, what a journey it revealed for me, and when I completed reading, I took a deep breath and thanked the Lord for His presence, His vigilance, in my life.
The Lord has accompanied you all these years. You should note that it is with increasing awareness that you measure your steps as you explore the inner corridors of your heart in His grace. Consider the times, even most recently, when you were caught in a sudden deluge of rain, that is what occurring in your life quite regularly and has for some time as He leads you along paths that you might not have visited earlier.
His presence has not been without His nudge for you to be ever more aware, especially of who you are among strangers and loved ones. Could you ever imagine that you would now be more inclined to listen when in the past you might have been described as someone expressing his dominant, “expert” opinion?
It may be difficult to imagine when you were ever weary, but your exuberance in the present is an indication of the Lord’s work within the deepest recesses of who you are and becoming in His grace and love. Praise God!
All for this morning.

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